October 29, 2016

I've been a serial entrepreneur since I was nine years old.  I wanted a new bike.  My parents didn't believe in handing out money unless we earned it.  So my father armed me with a bucket of red paint, a small paint brush and a painter's apron.  

I lived in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota in the late 1950's.  Our daily mail (including Sunday) was delivered by the same mailman for years.  Yes, they were all men in those days.  He drove up to each mailbox in his white truck with red and blue logos on it and placed our mail in the box.  If we wanted to send something out we placed it in the box before his arrival and raised the red metal flag on the side of the box.  That was a signal for the mailman to stop even if he didn't have a delivery on that day.

It was import...

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Pamela Enz : Living the dream as a  
Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach

Join me as I stay relevant, age gracefully, love family, and invent a way to host others toward the same goal.

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